The return of the V718………..Virtually

The return of the V718………..Virtually

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The return of the V718…………Virtually

Having teamed up with RGT Cycling, CTT now have a weekly 10 mile event on the famous V718, the country’s fastest course before it could no longer be used. These events will take place on Monday evenings, starting at 7pm. (CTT will also hold events on different sporting courses on Fridays at 5pm) The current competition records for men and senior and junior women were set on the V718 course and stand at

16:35 – Men (Marcin Bialoblocki),
18:36 – Women (Hayley Simmonds)
20:21 – Junior Women (Henrietta Colborne)

Come along and see how you fare and how close you can get to these records from the “comfort” of your turbo trainer.

If you aren’t already signed up to RGT – go to their website – and sign up for free.

You can then search for the CTT evening 10 races or click the link that will be published on our Facebook page on a weekly basis.

The first event takes palce on Monday 4th May starting at 7pm, the link to sign up is –

These events are just for fun, no entry fee, no awards just the pure pleasure of riding a fast 10 miles and no, they won’t count for your LTS on the CTT website!