There are many ways to get involved in volunteering within Hartlepool Cycling Club.

Volunteering is about choosing to help other cyclists within the Club by giving up your time or expertise. There are many different types of volunteering activities and the different opportunities can involve people giving up several hours a week, or helping at one event when it is convenient for the volunteer.

Why volunteer?

Every person’s motivation to volunteer is different and there are a lot of great reasons to make a contribution to the running of the Club and the its activities. We would encourage you to volunteer as there are many benefits to you personally, which include:

  • making a real difference to the Club and your fellow cyclists
  • gaining a lot of satisfaction from helping others
  • meeting people and socialising
  • developing existing and new skills
  • giving something back to the sport

As events requiring volunteers are made known to us, we will publish details on our Website and also through Social Media.  Wherever possible we will inform you well in advance of the event venue, the amount of time that you are needed for and provide any instruction and training needed.