Frequent Questions




Why join Hartlepool CC – Well we are a club with long tradition and association with Hartlepool, although you don’t need to be a resident of the town to be a member. We have members from all areas of the North East and beyond – some resident abroad. We are not a sponsored club or linked to local industry – this allows Hartlepool CC to give what is best for its members and not to be dictated by others with no particular interest in Cycling only in profiteering/advertising. We have a written “Code of Conduct” which states we will not antagonise our fellow road users and we will ride in a manner that causes as little impacts on others as possible. We help our fellow members, assist in racing costs and purchase of Hartlepool CC Kit. Hartlepool CC members have access to indoor training equipment free of charge. Hartlepool CC have this website, Facebook page and Strava page all designed to keep our members informed. We listen to our members, we recently carried out a Kit Questionnaire and acted on what our members specified. We hold regular club runs at different levels to allow our members to ride at a speed that caters for different abilities. We have social nights on a monthly basis and an annual presentation night featuring cups with famous names on – Arthur Metcalfe being one.

Hartlepool generate revenues mainly by arranging Open Time Trials and other events, this allows us to be self sustaining and to allow HCC to pass on any profits back down to its members, it also allows HCC to pay affiliation fees and levies to the BCF and CTT, who in turn insure the competitors.