Sunday Club Ride

Hartlepool Cycling Club holds regular rides throughout the year.  There are 2 separate groups that meet up as follows:-

Group 1  –  Generally meet at Sappers Corner, Greatham, on a Sunday morning at 09:30am for a ride ranging from 40 miles to 70 miles.  This ride will feature riders from other local clubs and is not really suitable for newbies.  The average speed would usually be 17-18 mph.

Group 2  –  Generally meet at the Golden Lion (Aldi Arms), on a Sunday morning at 9.30am for a ride ranging from 30 miles to 45 miles.  This will feature riders who prefer a slower, social Sunday ride with a cafe stop where nobody gets left behind and would average 14-15 mph and still be back in time for Sunday lunch!

Feel free to come and try a session.  Everyone welcome, there is no cost to a taster session.  Enjoy the different routes/views along the way and meet new people!

For up to date ride news please refer to HCC Facebook, HCC Strava pages and lower down on this page.

All rides should follow HCC’s Code of Conduct attached below.