VTTA Covid19 Update

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National Association for the over 40 year old racing cyclist

The CTT has suspended all time trials (both open and club) until 30th June 2020. But British Cycling announced provisional dates for restarting cycling activities on 27th May – please see separate news item about this.

Suspension of CTT events may continue beyond 30th June but we are waiting to see updates on their website. From the British Cycling announcement it may be that time trials could restart on 1st August.

The VTTA National Executive Committee has cancelled the national championships for 15 miles on 29th March,10 miles on 25th April, and 30 miles on 30th June. We have re-arranged championships where possible for later in the season. For the 10 mile we have a revised date of Saturday 12th September and for the 15 mile the revised date is Sunday 20th September. The National 24 Hour Championship, which was being organised by Mersey Roads Club for July, has also been cancelled.

An update on championships and other matters was sent in a special issue newsletter to all VTTA members in late April.

Our country, and indeed the world, is slowly emerging from a very difficult period. While we are all keen to return to our sports, we need to do all we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe and healthy. So let’s see the CTT response and hopefully we can enjoy a restart of racing in a responsible manner.


Andrew Simpkins

VTTA National Chairman

Last updated  28th May 2020

CTT Covid 19 Update

We’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries about when it will be possible to start events once more.

Many will have seen  that British Cycling issued a release yesterday in which it was said that for international and national level races, including national series and championships, the suspension of events was extended until 01 September 2020, and that for regional racing the suspension of events was extended until 01 August 2020.  The Board of CTT consider that by its very nature time trialling is different to road racing and consequently for time trials it will be easier to accommodate the government’s guidelines on the measures that need to be put in place to help control the spread of COVID-19 and in particular the requirement for social distancing.

We’re hoping that it will be possible for events to take place, perhaps initially in some limited form, in the not too distant future.  We understand that the government is looking at ways outdoor sport and social activity can resume once more, although currently we don’t know when that will be.  Presently all CTT events are suspended up to and including 30 June.  There is to be further government guidance announced on Monday next week, 01 June, and it is anticipated that a further CTT release will be issued shortly after.  Plans are being put in place so once we’re able to, we can start events once more and guidance will be given to all clubs and CTT districts in good time to allow this to happen.

British Cycling COVID 19 UPDATE

British Cycling can today provide an update on the current suspension of sanctioned cycling activity, which was due to run until 30 June 2020.

While many of you have been enjoying the opportunity to ride recreationally, we appreciate that the cycling community is looking for direction and certainty on when club, group and competitive activity can resume.

In the absence of specific dates from the UK and devolved Governments, which are naturally hard to set, British Cycling is seeking to balance the desire to return to sanctioned cycling activity, where safe to do so, and concern for the health of people in our sport and in wider society. Because cycling encompasses a wide variety of activity, we are therefore proposing to move to a rolling suspension. This will apply to each of England, Scotland and Wales. The following position has been agreed with Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling, but we recognise that devolved government guidance may dictate that adjustments are required, including the dates we are working towards.



We have split activity into three broad categories: international and national level races; regional racing and non-competitive events; club and group activity.

International and national level races, including national series and championships

Here we are extending the suspension until 1 September 2020. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give six weeks’ public notice of any extension or curtailment of the suspension. This means that the original dates for a number of national series and championship events across multiple disciplines are no longer feasible but we will endeavour to rearrange these events later in the calendar year if possible.

It is possible that the racing format in some of the disciplines, for example outdoor individual events, may return sooner than others if appropriate measures can be put in place to manage the risk in line with Government guidance and any guidance that we put in place. In all cases we will carefully consider the options available including reasonable measures that can be introduced to manage the safety of the events, participants, volunteers and the general public.

The HSBC UK National BMX Supercross Series.

Regional racing and non-competitive events e.g. sportives

Currently we believe that regional races are more likely to return sooner due to shorter travel distances, fewer event personnel involved and the expectation that they will attract lower spectator numbers. However, due to the current Government guidelines on social distancing we feel that now is the right time to extend the suspension to the 1 August 2020. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give four weeks’ notice of any extension or curtailment of the suspension.

As with international and national racing, we will adopt a risk management approach which means that some disciplines or events can return ahead others if the format allows the safety of all to be managed appropriately.

We have also taken the decision to extend the suspension to the 1 August 2020 for Sportives and other non-competitive events. As with regional racing, we will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give four weeks’ notice of any extension or curtailment of the extension.


Club and group activity

The third category of activity is other club and group activity, such as coaching, instructing and leading, club rides, HSBC UK Breeze rides and similar. It is likely that these activities can be reintroduced at shorter notice, with a greater degree of flexibility, with appropriate guidance and measures to manage risk ensuring compliance with Government guidelines and emerging industry best practice. As such we will be extending the current suspension until 4 July 2020 to be consistent with the stages announced by Government. We will review this on a fortnightly basis and we will give two weeks’ notice of any changes.

Ken Bainbridge memories

I remember Ken winning the Carnival race in 1956. I was 13 at the time. He came over the line, and the first thing he did after he stopped was fumble in his jersey pocket after his fags, and lit up immediately.

He helped me and quite a few others when we were starting out, including Arthur Metcalfe and Ted Scurr. Took me to a lot of races when he was almost the only person with a car.

I put a note about his passing, on the 60’s remembered fb group, and there were quite a few people who remembered him, especially those who worked together with him on the Milk Race, and some of the Milk Race riders too.

RIP Ken.


Dave Hill

Ken Bainbridge 19-02-1930 17-04-2020


Ken Bainbridge – life member, Hartlepool Cycling Club.


Ken was given his first bike when aged 11, he passed what we now call “the 11 Plus” becoming a pupil at Brinkburn Grammar School. That bike was to become the start of a lifelong passion for “cycling”. Leaving school at 16, he along with a few schoolmates became active tourists and members of the Youth Hostels Association. Soon becoming attracted to the competitive side of the sport and joining the Teesside Road Club. Primarily on account of it’s winning ways in time trials. But with conscription still in force, his fledgeling career with the Trustees Savings Bank was interrupted, as was his cycling. Ken  became a soldier, serving in the Royal Army Pay Corps in Kenya until 1950. Upon return home and back to cycling, he joined the more local North Eastern Road Club. Finally settling with what was then called the West Hartlepool Cycling Club. Bak home in 1950,  Ken made a plan to organise a circuit race on the Hartlepool Trading Estate. A race he won, repeating that performance in 1954. Over the years, in WHCC colours he raced in time trials up to 12 hours duration, circuit and road races, competing well into his 40’s. For variety and along with John Hubbard, they set a number of “place to place ” records in the area – on a tandem ! All of that as well as becoming ever more involved in committee activities where his banking experience was valued.There was much we shared together. We agreed the need to widen our range of social activities. The Queens Rink or the Town Hall being the places to meet young ladies – the Saturday night ballroom dance. Jointly, we enrolled at the Joffre School of Dance. Learning “one – two- three – hitch, repeating one – two – three – hitch”. Practice did not make us perfect but most of the time, we managed to stay in time with the music. Ken’s sister joined us and we subsequently became a “twosome”, marrying in 1957. Dorothy was also a keen cyclist, riding time trials along with club rides each Sunday under the guidance of Dick Nelson. A father figure within the club.


Upon retirement from racing, he qualified within the British Cycling Federation, becoming one of the leading officials across all branches of cycle sport, his services been in constant demand. Going on to officiate at world and national championships  including the international Milk Race – Tour of Britain. Ultimately receiving an award as its longest serving official.

Upon retirement from TSB, be qualified as an Official Sampling Officer with the Sports Council, travelling far and wide in connection with anti-doing controls, applicable to athletes.


It had always been his intention to return to Hartlepool, the place he loved. Allowing him to participate with club mates in social gatherings. Sharing memories of old times. This he did to the end of his days.


Finally, the family intends to arrange a gathering in Hartlepool, for his many friends,  when the present restrictions are removed.


A life well lived and a friend to all who had the good fortune to know him.

R.I.P Ken          



British Cycling has developed HSBC UK Let's Ride Local to further support families riding during the lockdown


Home » About us

British Cycling has today unveiled a new microsite – HSBC UK Let’s Ride Local – to provide support, encouragement and activity ideas for families cycling during the lockdown.

The resource has been developed in response to an increase in the number of families cycling together since the Government introduced its social distancing measures at the end of March, with data from Sport England showing that 18% of those who are currently cycling are doing so with children in their household. Figures released by Cycling Scotland earlier this month also highlighted an increase in cycling levels across Scotland.

Ahead of the launch of the new site, British Cycling Chief Executive Julie Harrington said:

“It’s always wonderful to see families out riding their bikes together, and with the recent warm weather and quieter roads we know that many more are being inspired to do the same. Through our fun activities and practical tips we wanted to make family riding as enjoyable, seamless and memorable as possible, especially for those giving it a go for the first time.

“While the current enthusiasm for bike riding is encouraging, we are acutely aware that a surge in the number of vehicles on the road post-lockdown will inevitably see many bikes packed away in sheds just as quickly as they’ve been taken out. At British Cycling we are working hard to ensure that as we emerge from this period, we learn the lessons of the past and bring about a healthier, happier and greener future.”

Luke Harper, Head of British Cycling Partnership at HSBC UK, said:

“Cycling is a great way to keep your body and mind active, and under the current measures this is more important than ever before. Through HSBC UK Let’s Ride Local we want to help people to enjoy their local area by bike right from their doorstep, and hopefully keep them exploring long into the future.”

Find out more at www.letsridelocal.co.uk, and share your rides with us using #LetsRideLocal.

The return of the V718………..Virtually

The return of the V718………..Virtually

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The return of the V718…………Virtually

Having teamed up with RGT Cycling, CTT now have a weekly 10 mile event on the famous V718, the country’s fastest course before it could no longer be used. These events will take place on Monday evenings, starting at 7pm. (CTT will also hold events on different sporting courses on Fridays at 5pm) The current competition records for men and senior and junior women were set on the V718 course and stand at

16:35 – Men (Marcin Bialoblocki),
18:36 – Women (Hayley Simmonds)
20:21 – Junior Women (Henrietta Colborne)

Come along and see how you fare and how close you can get to these records from the “comfort” of your turbo trainer.

If you aren’t already signed up to RGT – go to their website – www.rgtcycling.com and sign up for free.

You can then search for the CTT evening 10 races or click the link that will be published on our Facebook page on a weekly basis.

The first event takes palce on Monday 4th May starting at 7pm, the link to sign up is – http://app.rgtcycling.com/event?code=gP6iz5RKmn

These events are just for fun, no entry fee, no awards just the pure pleasure of riding a fast 10 miles and no, they won’t count for your LTS on the CTT website!

Time Trials for VTTA Members on Zwift


We’re pleased to announce that we’re going to be racing every weekend from this Saturday – thanks to Zwift and Newbury Velo cycling club.

Newbury Velo organise a number of events on the platform, one of which is a Saturday morning time trial on the desert flats of the island of Watopia.

The event will run each Saturday at 10am, and you will get results on standard (as well as scratch, of course). They’ll also be a league table of the best 11 mile pluses achieved over the course of the year in this event.

If you are not already on Zwift you can join here https://zwift.com/uk. Monthly membership is £12.99.

Make sure you also register on http://www.zwiftpower.com which is free. On Zwiftpower you will get full results including your standard time. We are also piloting the idea of a ‘Veterans Handicap Time’ which allows you to compare an adjusted actual time across riders.

We’ll also be offering a downloadable standard certificate to all members who beat their 11 mile standard time over the year. The 11 mile standards are available to download from this page: https://www.newburyvelo.cc/…/newbury-velo-vtta-standards.php

You can register for each Saturday’s event, as with other Zwift events by using the Zwift Companion app on your phone

If you are racing, please add VTTA as a suffix after your name on your Zwift profile to help us identify VTTA members

Obviously, these events cannot be taken as seriously as real racing, but we hope it provides some kind of alternative outlet for your competitive juices!

CTT Update Chairmans statement

Chairman’s statement

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Everyone will of course be aware of the difficult circumstances caused because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  For those who compete in time trials, you’ll know that all CTT events are currently suspended until the end of June.
These are truly unprecedented times, but there will be an end.  When that end will be, none of us can say, but an end there will be.  I believe that CTT is in a more fortunate position than many other sports insofar as being able to resume competition is concerned.   Although the 2020 racing calendar will be severely curtailed, as I write this it is hoped that there can be some racing this year. If there is, we will still need to put in hand steps to ensure the safety of all those involved.
Whatever measures are put in place, the safety of both the competitors and the stalwart volunteers who are involved with the sport must be paramount.  The government guidance is ever changing as the COVID-19 pandemic develops and the Board is keeping the matter under constant review.
We have new dates for the RTTC National Championships to replace the dates that had to be postponed.  Entries for these are open, as indeed are entries for events later in the year. If you’re an organiser, please remember to send your notification to the police in good time, nothing is lost in doing this. We hope to be ‘open for business’ before the racing season ends!
In the interim, we are working closely in partnership with RGT to produce more virtual time trialling on line.  This is very much in the development stage but if you wish to ride with your fellow time triallists there are already group rides you can join into now.  We are looking to develop a virtual ‘10’ on the much missed V718 and we hope to have some exciting news on this shortly.  Test yourself on this very competitive course – how close can you get to comp. record?
It cannot be ignored that if the current lockdown measures and social distancing are to remain for an extended period of time, that could mean no CTT events at all in 2020.  We have to accept reality.  Many individuals and businesses have been affected financially as a result of the necessary measures that have been put in place.  CTT is no different.  It cannot be escaped that the lack of racing will impact significantly on CTT’s reserves.
It has to be remembered that CTT receives no external funding.  All our income is received from club affiliations and from event levies.  CTT is fortunate in some ways as we have always maintained a policy of keeping a minimum of one year’s cash reserves to cover unforeseen situations.  This has at times been questioned, but I’m very pleased that we have this in place as it leaves CTT in a position where it can, and will, survive into 2021.

Nonetheless, it has been necessary to look at what additional measures can be taken to reduce our costs.  We have taken advantage of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), known by many as ‘furlough’, and the difficult decision has been made to ‘furlough’ two of our five employees, Sally Withey and Alison Torode.  This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly.  There are strict rules for ‘furloughing’ which mean that such employees cannot undertake any work at all for the company whilst they remain ‘furloughed’.  Therefore if you have a question for either Sally or Alison, please can you send this instead in an email to support@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk where it will be addressed by one of the other officers.
On a lighter note, with no racing to report, Snowdon Sports have interviewed a number of our top riders and their stories of ‘life under lockdown’ make fascinating reading.  They can be found on the CTT website and are an inspiration to us all.
Finally, thank you.  Thank you for your patience during these tough times and thank you for your many messages of support.  These are testing times for us all.  Your support really is very much appreciated. We will continue to keep you updated on what is happening, but things move very quickly and sometimes in 24 hours it is old news.  We can only do our best.
Please keep safe, keep well and keep fit so that you are ready to crack on at the end of this pandemic.
24 April 2020

Ken Bainbridge

The club received some very sad news over the weekend that Ken who was a life member of the club sadly  passed away on Friday 17th April in North Tees Hospital aged 90.

Unfortunately due to the current situation there are no further details but a full obituary will be posted by the club in due course.

Our sincere condolences go out to Kens family

R.I.P Ken

Ride strong Stay safe