Weekly News 08/08/22 to 14/08/22

HCC Sunday Social Cafe Ride

We’re having a heat wave. In fact, the second official heat of the summer. But would the good weather bring the crowds out for this Sunday’s cafe ride.? Well, No. Perhaps it was because it was a bit misty still at 9:00 with a chilly sea fret clinging to the East Coast. But that wasn’t enough to deter Steve A, Steve S, Peter and Matt. The other usual suspect Sean was away in Hull watching a comedian. I suppose they do need cheering up in Hull. Whereas all we have to cheer us up here is the prospect of riding a bike for 50 miles or so in the blazing sun just to visit a cafe and keep the local hospitality economy booming. Where is the fun in that?

Well perhaps it’s the joy that can be had in cycling through Stockton center on a Sunday morning. A place guaranteed to lift the spirits. But over too soon and the ride was into the leafy lanes heading past Preston Park toward Yarm and on into the Southern greenbelt that provides a barrier between Urban Teesside and Affluent North Yorkshire.

The cafe of choice today was Roots at East Rounton, a Mecca for the recreational cycling fraternity and a place with a unique coffee offering. And big scones. Sat in the sun it could easily have been Spain, but of course you don’t get scones like that in Spain do you.

Unfortunately, the cafe stop had to be cut short as Peter was running the serious risk of being back late. So, it was ‘get it down yer’ ‘we’re off’.

For a bit of variety, the route back was through Middlesbrough and the scenic delights of the Haverton Hill post-industrial estate. For the two Steves and Matt the Three Horse Shoes at Cowpen Bewley was another welcome break with the prospect of well-earned cold beer to slake their thirst. Peter however had to get home and do a solo effort back along the Greatham track. But according to the occasional passing motorist, Peter is no stranger to doing a solo effort. This is not a complimentary observation. Thankfully however today was insult free which made a nice ride even better.

After a nice beer stop at the Three Horseshoes, Steve A, Steve S and Matt made their way back via Greatham track and onto Dalton for a nice easy return.  As they reached the EnduroTek end of Dalton back lane, they noticed a lady laid on the floor with a badly cut and bloodied knee who had come off her bike as she turned south onto Dalton back lane.  Her chain had also came off, so we all stopped to ask if she was ok, but her husband was on his way to the rescue.  But she still appreciated our concern, so off we went after an attempted damzel in distress rescue, to complete the final few miles home.

In general it was a good ride, mostly cool and only got very hot towards the end.  The ride was around 50 miles at 15 ish average.


Club/Racing News

On Wednesday night, two members of Hartlepool CC took part in the Darlington Club Tens (10 Mile TT).  Paul Thirling finishing in 22:59 in 3rd place and Steve Rhodes finishing in 26:45 in 13th place out of 18 riders.  Well done guys!  The event was won by Ryan Hall of Adept in 21:42.

On Saturday, Phil Wright was keeping his racing form going in the Yorkshire Cycling Federation 15 Mile TT event on the V225 course near Boroughbridge.  Only 7 riders took part and Phil finished in 41:25 in 4th place.  Well done Phil!  The event was won by Steve Gibson of Peak Road Club in 35:46


Strava Club Leaderboard

This week Frank Elders claimed the top spot in the general classification with an amazing 279.9 miles, Trevor Jones was 2nd with 145.3 miles and Phil Wright was 3rd with 129.6 miles.

Frank Elders also took this weeks King Of The Mountains polka dot jersey with a fantastic 12,395 ft of climbing and also achieved the biggest single ride of the week with 102.2 miles.  Well done Frank, amazing week of cycling!

This week 7 riders joined the 100 mile club for the week –  Frank Elders, Trevor Jones, Phil Wright, Lee Morley, The Thirlwind, Tim Summerton and Richard Nichol.  Well done to all 7 of you, good mileage!

This week 23 riders put miles on the board out of 52 Strava HCC members.   Well done to everyone!  Achievements to note, a massive well done to Frank Elders for an amazing week of cycling, claiming most miles, most miles in a single ride and highest feet climbed, Richard Nichol for a nice 84 miler, Phil Wright for his continued efforts in various CTT TT events every week, flying the HCC flag and Tim Summerton for his 12 rides and hitting 118.2 miles for the week.  Also a massive well done to all other club members who are enjoying getting some miles in this season!  Be safe and most of all enjoy it.