Confirmed events for 2020

Please note the following events are confirmed for 2020.

100/8 on Sunday 8th March, the same route as last year commencing at the Golden Lion (Aldi Arms) 0830 hours.

Any club member thinking of doing 100/8 could you please drop me an email so we can get a feel for numbers.


17/05/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 10 miles on course T107.

14/06/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 25 miles on course T252/3

19/07/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 50 miles on course T 502/2.


All time trials have both TT and Road Bikes sections.

A working rear light is NOW COMPULSORY in alll CTT & VTTA events.   NO LIGHT NO RIDE!!!! 

All open events have  a requirement for the course to be  marshalled to comply with regulations concerning time trials on the public highway. If any assistance can be given to help out on the day it would be greatly appreciated.


Club 10m TT  mid week  series

1st Thursday in May and running for approx. 8 weeks, numbers dependant is a club 10 on course T 107. This course starts 200 metres before the Cowpen Bewley Visitors Centre on the Seal Sands road, proceeds to the Seal Sands roundabout where a left turn is made. Proceed to power station roundabout then double back and complete the course in reverse finishing just before the railway bridge.

This is a new course for 2020,so we are discussing  holding a trial run before the season gets fully under way to see where we need to marshal around the course etc.

Ride Strong Stay Safe.

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