VTTA North Group Annual Award Presentation 2019

The annual VTTA  North Group award presentation event was held at Hardwick Hall Sedgefield on  Sunday 5th January in celebration of the 2019 season. Hartlepool CC were well represented on the day and I must say the guys look very different when not wearing Lycra but do scrub up well….

Hartlepool CC racing members Gary Hunt, Phil Wright and Richie Grant did the club proud winning numerous awards between them and did not do that bad in the raffle either lol.

A special mention must go to Gary, who won the bulk of trophies/awards on offer through out the VTTA racing season.

Group Trophies and 2019 winners:

Joe Jones Memorial Cup for the Best all rounder : Gary Hunt  ( Phil Wright 6th )

Team Shield : Hartlepool CC    Gary Hunt,  Phil Wright.

25 Shield  : Gary Hunt

George Siddle Memorial Trophy : Gary Hunt  ( Phil Wright 5th )

Doreen Hugill Memorial Cup : Gary Hunt

Jim Burton : Memorial Cup : Gary Hunt  ( Richie Grant 3rd )

President Cup : Gary Hunt

Lenny Downs Shield : Hartlepool CC   Gary Hunt, Richie Grant, Phil Wright.

Tom Mathews Cup : Gary Hunt

Northern Unity Cup : Gary Hunt

Points competition on standard   Actual Fastest : Richie Grant ( Gary Hunt 2nd )

Short distance competition : Phil Wright 4th

Standards : Phil Wright  10m, 15m, 30m, 100m.          Gary Hunt  100m

Teeside District Hill Climb Age Group Winner : Richie Grant

Apologies if I have missed any awards out, again well done to all the guys for flying the flag proudly for Hartlepool CC..


Ride strong stay safe.