Weekly Racing Round Up – W/E 20/5



Richie Booth had a great start to his season, he has only ridden 3 road events and one time trial because of illness.
The Ferryhill 10 was one to forget but he fared a bit better on the road. He won his category in the Clitheroe Green Jersey R.R on April 8th and was 2nd in the Derek Smith Memorial on April 21st. Best result was on Sunday when he won his category in the TLI National Circuit Racing Champs getting it by half a wheel in a bunch sprint. Brilliant to see the new club strip on the top of the podium. Keep it up Richie.

Elsewhere, Phil Wright rode a PB of 1:02:40 on the National VTTA 25 on the A24/34 near Newark on Trent.

There was two Teesside SPOCO events over the weekend on Saturday 19th May the Richmond CC held the T243 over Grinton Moor. Paul Fountain was top HCC rider with a 1:02:52 for 6th overall and 4th Teesside rider, Mark Tinkler rode 1:11:41, Richie Grant ,who has been experiencing some knee problems – DNS. The event was won by Harry Tanfield, even though he punctured in 56:07.

The other event was the Cleveland Wheelers Hilly on the T256 over Blakey Ridge, only one HCC rider mad enough to take this on was Paul Garstang who completed the course in 1:24:42 for 21st overall. The Event was won by Steven Guymer(Squadra RT) in 1:03:54.

The mid week Ferryhill 10 mile Club TT was cancelled due to roadworks.

Racing Round Up Week Ending 13th May

Hi All

The 13th May was the second HCC event of the year. An open CTT and VTTA 10 mile TT on the T105 from Sedgefield to 2nd Wynyard Round about and back.   There was 60 entrants , who were greeted by a cold and damp morning. Keith Murray (DRAG2ZERO)  was the fastest man on the day with a 20:06 , which also gave him the best standard of +6:07. For the Hartlepool CC riders, it was a day of mixed fortunes.  Richard Grant had a good sub 25 minute ride,Trevor Jones shipped a chain and it jammed so that was an end of his ride,Andrew Wilson punctured, Phil Wright should have stayed in bed wheras Paul Thirling was the quickest HCC rider with a 21:44. the remaining 5 HCC riders who had entered the event sent their apologies – hope they are all feeling better soon. Thanks go to the organiser Paul Garstang, Start Sheet developer John , catering crew Ruth and Janet, the timekeepers Phil and David, Pusher Off Peter, number catcher John  and the Marshalls at the round abouts and turn offs.

Thursday 10th was the first FWCC mid week ten, HCC results are tabled below – thanks to John Grant for collecting them.

7th May was the National VTTA 10 mile Championship on the F11/10 at Aylesbury won again this year by Ron Hallam with 26:22 and standard +08:34, HCC were represented by Phil Wright with a 24:48 and standard +03:11.

6th May was Ferryhill Wheelers 25 mile TT on the new course T254 out at Leeming. The Event was won by Ben Etherington (MTS Cycle Sport) with a 51:25, HCC riders Paul Thirling rode a 56:44 for a top ten finish and Richie Grant rode 1:05:52.

5th May Phil Wright rode the E2/10 in Cambridge for a 24:22.

28th April was the Charity 10 mile TT on T105 run by Ferryhill Wheelers. The event was well supported with 7 HCC entries.  Paul Fountain was HCC’s quickest on the day with a 22:16, Mark Tinkler 23:15,Richie Grant 24:55,Richard Booth 25:03 and Alan Lang 25:24. Phil Wright and Ted Scurr sent apologies.


All – if anyone has any newsworthy items please send to Phil Wright at jagryk@aol.com

Sunday 13th May 10 Mile Time Trial at Sedgefield


We currently need assistance on Sunday’s morning Time Trial at the Sedgefield course, we need marshalls at the 2 roundabouts on the course. You do not control the traffic it is to provide a Highly Visible reminder to drivers that Cyclists are on the course and to ensure the cyclists follow the direction arrows. It will be around 1:15 minutes and perhaps you could combime it with your Sunday ride. If anyone would like to provide assistance please call Phil on 07702 244922 or Paul on 07784 781221 – thanks in anticipation.

HCC Weekly Racing Round Up W/E 22 nd April

Wednesday 18th April was the start of Darlington’s CC Club 10’s on the Attley Hill circuit round Scorton. Weather was tropical and there was some good times on the night. HCC’s Phil Wright managed a PB of 25:59.



Saturday was HCC’s own T105, after a worrying week of whether the event would be on due to a contraflow system impacting on the course. The morning saw all cones off the road and an aditional bonus ,it was a nice Spring day. The event went off without incident and the majority of the riders were quick to give credit to the club and its members for running a superb event. Philip Graves NOPINZ was fastest with a 19:59, Keith Murray Drag2Zero was second with 20:06 and Kris Atkin , Team Bottril was 3rd with 20:50. Generally times were a little slower from last years corresponding event. The VTTA Standard event was won by a spectacular ride by Adept Cycling’s Gary Hunt with a standard of +6:12 and a time of 20:57.

Full Result


Sunday was the infamous Teesdale CRC Mountain Time Trial with 3 HCC entrants. The event was won by JLT Condor Pro rider James Gullen in a course record of 1:46:07. Hartlepool riders times were Paul Fountain 2:08:12 for 17th overall and 2nd Teesside affiliated ( good SPOCO points) , Paul Thirling 2:23:37 (first ride since injury) for 38th overall and 12th  affilliated Teesside rider and Paul Garstang 2:41:16 for 56th overall and 22nd Teesside rider. Paul made a 5 minute gain on his time last year in what was described as tougher conditions – must be all the “sign collecting ” adding a bit of fitness.

HCC Racing Round – Up : First 2 weeks in April

1st April (Fools Day) saw Phil Wright tackling the infamous R25/3H in South Wales. However sub zero overnight temperatures meant the race started with a temperature of 2 degrees – meaning fast times were not going to be had for the early starters. Phil only acheived a 1:05 for the 25 miles the winner posted a 50 minute ride.

7th April was the Darlington 2 up , heavy rain meant a lot of entrants DNS, however Richie Grant  and Darren Peart  rode for a long 26 – in very grim conditions.

8th April was the T235 SPOCO round the Bishopton – Sadberg – Redmarshall circuit run by SWCC.

Paul Thirling (HCC) was 1st Teesside Affilliated rider and 3rd overall with 54:10

Phil Wright (HCC) 1:06:26

Mark Tinkler (HCC) 1:07:33 after taking a wrong turn

James Kilpatrick (HCC) – DNF wrong turn.

Richie Grant (HCC) – DNF

15th April was the  T091 x 2 SPOCO  , twice round the Seamer circuit, Paul Fountain was the fastest HCC rider with a creditible 42:08 for a 10th overall place  and 7th Teesside Affilliated. Mark Tinkler did a 45:03 for 28th (23rd Teesside), Richie Grant 52:12 and Phil Wright 52:29 completed the HCC entrants.

This coming week we have our own HCC event on the T105 Sedgefield Course (roadworks permitting) on Saturday 21st April 2018 with first HCC rider off at 14:01 – Andrew Wilson with  7 other HCC riders competing. For the more hardier rider there is the T405 – the mountain time trial on Sunday 22nd with the three Pauls (Thirling.Fountain and Garstang) making up the HCC contingent of entrees.

This Wednesday  18th April sees the start of the Club tens with the Darlington CC course near Croft being the first this season to see action. Remember any HCC club rider can turn up and enter on the line for the princely sum of £3:00.




HCC Racing Round Up for W/E 25th March 2018

HCC members were involved in two TT’s over the weekend. The first event on Saturday 24th March was the V226 at Boroughbridge, the 15 mile course record was broken by both the men’s winner and ladies winner, Simon Beldon ( Team Bottrill) in 30:43 and Fiona Sharp (Team Swift) in 36:11, respectively. HCC were represented by Phil Wright who managed 41:12 for 59th. Thanks go to Harrogate Nova CC for running a great event and ordering decent weather.


  Phil Wright wrapped up against the cold in Teesdale CRC T244/1

The second event of the weekend was the SPOCO on T244/1 at Staindrop held on  Sunday 25th March. Conditions were cold and a blusterly wind rose during the race making conditions hard in the last 5 mile of the 21 mile course. First Teesside Affilliated rider home ( 5th overall) was Hartlepool’s Cycling Clubs own Paul Thirling in 49:32, Paul Garstang did a 59:27 for 18th and Phil Wright in 1:06:11 for 23rd out of 41 entrants. Thanks to Teesdale CRC for running a safe and smooth event. Good to see Trevor Jones out supporting our lads.

Next TT’s with HCC members participation : 1st April R25/3H in Wales, 7th April T103 Darlington 2 Up TT and V236 VTTA 25 on A19 and 8th April Stockton Wheelers SPOCO on T235 at Bishopton.

Richard Booth starts his 2018 campaign in a TLI Road Race on 8th April.

Weekly Race Round Up W/E 11/03/2018

March 11th was the first race weekend of the season following the cancellation of the V910 on 4th March. Hartlepool CC were well represented at Cleveland Wheelers T211R a SPOCO starting and finishing close to Stokesely. Its a tough start to the season and bound to be cold at this time of year. New member James Kilpatrick’s first race for HCC was really just an intro and he was still getting used to ‘his aero position” and was using the race as an experiene whereas established TT racers, Paul Thirling and Paul Fountain were looking for early points in the Teesside SPOCO league. After a previous spill in last years event Richie Grant was just looking for a clear round,  he wore his old Skin Suit just in case.

HCC members results:-

Paul Thirling 47-41 for tenth and 3 SPOCO points

Paul Fountain 48:39 for 13th and 5 SPOCO points

James Kilpatrick 58:29 for 57th and 37 SPOCO points

Richie Grant 58-30 for 58th and 38 SPOCO points

Phil Wright DNS

Richie Booth’s season is yet to start his first event being a TLI RR near Clitheroe on 8th April.