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Weekly 10m tt Result

8. 23-06-21 Week 8 Result

Sunday club run  20-06-21

The forecasted rain showers were enough to put people off the idea of a bike ride this Sunday but not enough to deter Steve, Sean and Peter. Meeting up at the Golden Lion at 9:00 a route had to be decided but only after a full discourse regarding the plight of the English football team. Anyway, Peter suggested Durham, to try and find a new cafe somewhere in the woods near Hougall college. Sean didn’t look too keen as he had heard that Durham was in fact the hilliest county in all of Britain. Don’t know were he got that from but Peter and Steve thought it must be that fake news that is so popular these days. The route was up through Elwick and across the A19 at death crossing then onto the quiet lanes leading to Trimdon. There was a bit of a detour through Kelloe to avoid the Quarington Hill climb but the alternative climb past the landfill site could not be avoided. Along the way Sean was reminiscing about his days fighting the Hun in the first world war and had to explain to Steve who the Germans were, Steve is just a kid really and Sean’s tails were like ancient history to him. After Quarington Hill there was the fast descent into Durham with Peter leading them astray in search of the cafe in the woods. It was called ‘ the secret garden’ but even after asking the locals about it, there was no sign of it. It’s OK calling a cafe ‘secret’ but it cant really be much of a business plan to make it so secret that nobody can find it. Anyway this week they missed the sale of at least three cups of coffee(other drinks are available). Steve and Sean soon became impatient looking for a missing cafe and decided to head for the bright lights of Durham city. A cafe was soon found and artisan scones with fresh cream and jam were ordered to help the coffee go down. With the bridge in Durham centre shut the route back was along the main Durham road and up signing bank in heavy traffic so the turn back to Qurington hill was taken to get back on the traffic free lanes.  By now the threatened rain had given way to dull sunshine so all was well with the world until Steve’s worn out tyres developed a flat spot at the bottom. Upon further inspection it turned out that they had in fact punctured. Peter was soon at work with an old bit of sandpaper and some glue but Steve and Sean told him to stop messing about with the sheep and get the puncture fixed. The repair was soon done and all tidied away and from there it was straight home along familiar lanes. The ride was about 40 miles at 14 ish average and it seems like everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully we will try again next week.

Sunday club run 13-06-21

This Sunday’s ride had a definite aim, in fact not only an aim but a purpose too. Unlike the usual rides which Involve seeking out and assessing the cake, sausage sarnies and coffee (other drinks are available) on offer in cafes local to Teesside and the surrounding area, this Sunday had a proper purpose. A purpose that gave us a reason to get out of bed. That purpose was to act as marshals at the HCC 25 mile time trial (see above). The aim was to get to the half way turning point to do the marshaling in time for the first rider to go by.

Peter wasn’t too keen on having anything to do with helping people ride up and down the busy A19 but when Steve suggested riding there, which Involved some of Peters favourite lanes he was in.

The need to be there on time meant an early start and at 5:30 am Peter and Steve set off for the obscure destination of a junction on the A19 trunk road somewhere in the middle of nowhere. With the weather calm and warm and no traffic on the road it was a very pleasant start to the day. There was however a distinct head wind which soon made the going tough. So tough in fact that Steve was starting to get worried by Peter’s slow progress. Peter was worried too, they were just through Yarm and he was beginning to think that this ride was a case of biting off more than he can chew. With every peddle stroke the wind got stronger and the road felt like a constant hill. He eventually ground to a halt only to discover that the rear brake was binding and stopping the wheel from turning. A quick fix and they were soon on their way again,  heading for the climb at Bullamoor. Once over that however the road soon turned into a rough track but this didn’t last for long and then it was down hill all the way to Borrowby which is in fact the very centre of nowhere. On time as well so the aim had been achieved.

As for the purpose this involved waiting for the TT riders to come along and point them in the right direction. What would they do without us? Fortunately the event passed without incident and everyone made it back safe.

Peter and Steve were then free to enjoy the rest of the day and formed a vague plan for getting home. The route took them up Cotcliffe bank onto the ridge road through Kirby Sigston  and accross the A19 to Thimbleby. Then up the hill past Cod Beck reservoir. It was getting to be time for a cafe stop but the que’s at the Rusty Bike were too long. Next stop Yarm. Steve said he knew of a cafe and headed off in the direction of the Prison. Peter was held up a bit in traffic and by the time he had negotiated the turn Steve had disappeared. Not put off however Peter continued on to the Prison cafe. There was lots of cyclists there but no sign of Steve. Where could he be? Turns out that Steve knew of another cafe along the same road at a golf course. So after separate cafe stops the way home went through a very busy Yarm and as the Three Horse Shoes was open at Cowpen Bewley  it was time to have a stop together this time and enjoy a post ride pint in the sun.

All in all another great Sunday ride full of adventure but normal service will be resumed next week.