Hard Riders 50 in 4 Sunday 9th FEB 09:00am

This event used to be organised by CWCC, but I cant find anything on their website about this years event but there are a few guys from Hartlepool Cycling Collective doing the ride and they have sent the info to me.

It will be a good training ride for our 100/8, and  it would be nice to get a group together from Hartlepool CC. if anyone is interested please drop me a line

Meeting Place:Marton Shops Boro Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills
A £1 on the day starting at Marton shops. Usually sets off around 9:15 am  on Sunday 9th FEB.. Idea is you ride 50 miles in 4 hours. The event finishes at Brompton. Tell them your back so they can sign you off, take your certificate and sulk back to your preferred café.
Over Clay bank, Newgate bank, Hemsley, back of Sutton (The Graveyard), down Sutton, Thirsk, Northallerton and finish at Brompton.



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