Weekly News 09/05/22 to 15/05/22

HCC Sunday Social Cafe Ride

The weather in the morning did not bode well for today’s ride. Dull with a hint of damp in the air and a poor forecast promising rain later. But today was a bit special in terms of the club Sunday rides. The plan was to ride to Stokesley and take part in the annual Stokesley charity ride. The first event since the days of COVID and this year in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance Service. Another special thing about today’s ride was the early start, registration for the event was 9:15-9:45, so a 7:30 start was necessary in order to ride through to Stokesley in time. It was also special due to Trevor Jones joining in for the day.
So, Steve S,  Matt, Peter and Trevor met at the GL at 7:30 and despite the forecast decided to set off to Stokesley and take it from there. Bailing out in case of rain was a definite option.
The direct route to Stokesley was taken along the A689, A19 and then straight up through the Boro. Perhaps the start time was a bit early as it had just turned 9:00 as Stokesley was reached mainly due to Trevor setting a quick pace at the front.  The group were joined by Steve B who was waiting outside Stokesley town hall for the sign on.
With an hour to kill before the start of the event a visit to ye olde Costa coffee shope was necessary. The Stokesley Costa was the first to open in the country, starting business just after the town was founded by the ancient Picts as a middle class enclave in the Tees Valley. Circa 1932. But despite that the pastry offerings were still remarkably fresh. But all good things must come to an end and before long it was time to get back on the bikes.
Around 200 riders took part in the charity event and by the look of it most were on e bikes. The group start soon thinned out as they wound their way along the pleasant lanes towards Clay Bank which thinned the riders out further. Once over the bank and down the other side the route was towards the pub at Potto village, it’s called the big meat eater steak fest grill or something like that, so not a place for the vegetarian and it is a well recorded fact that vegans have been known to faint just walking past.  This was the second feed station and chocolate bars and bananas were on offer. Where’s the beef?
After this it was down and up at Hutton Rudby and then along the chicken run ( There are no chickens??!!? ) From there it was back to Stokesley to collect certificates to mark the occasion.
Trevor then led the way back with the aim of ending up at Wolviston for a debrief but as Portrack was approached the return stop off was changed to Cowpen Bewley and the Three Horse Shoes. Unfortunately nobody told Trevor who was at the front and turned off along the imaginatively named New Road towards Billingham and never seen again.
So refreshed by beer coffee and crisps Steve B headed back toward Stockton while Peter Steve S and Matt took the Greatham track back to town.
The ride in total was around 72 miles at 15/16 average and a fair few ups and downs. And despite earlier concerns the day stayed dry so all in all a great day out.

Club/Racing News

On Saturday Phil Wright competed in the Melton Olympic CC (Slowest 120 Riders)(Inc VTTA East Mids) 25 Mile TT on the A25/34.  This was a fairly undulating course near Nottingham and 61 riders took part.  Phil finishing in a great time of 1:06:59 and averaged 22.394 mph.  Well done Phil!

The event was won by William Perrett in a time of 46:13 with an average speed of 32.456 mph.

This Sunday 6 members took part in the Stokesley Charity Bike ride.  This was a 30 mile ride covering a route from and back to Stokesley Town Hall, taking in Clay Bank.  This was in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance and Steve S, Matt, Peter, Trevor, Steve B and Graeme Coates all enjoyed the event with over 200 cyclists taking part.


Strava Club Leaderboard

This week Stephen G Rhodes took the top spot in the leaderboard with 244.6 miles, Trevor Jones was 2nd with 221.7 miles and The Thirlwind 3rd with 220.7 miles.  Superb miles guys, well done!  We would also like to say a big well done to Matt Johnson for riding 147.3 miles and taking 4th spot and also to Stuart Summerside for cycling a massive 13,886 ft elevation for the week.  Well done guys!