Weekly News 25/04/22 to 01/05/22

HCC Sunday Social Cafe Ride

The early Spring bank holiday weather got off to a good start, with warm sunshine and fair breezes on Friday and Saturday. So all was boding well for Sunday. But as ever with the British weather, it is changeable and Sunday morning was grey with a noticeable westerly wind blowing. There had also been a bit of the damp stuff falling overnight. So only Sean and Peter were at the Golden Lion by 8:30. Destination unknown but as Sean had to be back for his dinner at 12:00 options were limited.

So the ride was out to the Devonport in Middleton one row and back. Matt, who had been held up caught up along Catcote Road but decided to do a solo ride instead which made for a cheap round in the Devonport.

Imagine if you can have a bike ride with no bragging rites. No Strava KOMs, no big hills, no massive distance covered. Just the simple pleasure of riding a bike made better by the fact that Hartlepool is close to open countryside with relatively traffic free lanes. Well that just about sums up today’s ride. The only down side being the poor food offering at the Devonport. It was lemon drizzle scones or crisps and crisps don’t go with coffee. It’s a fact. So Lemon drizzle it was.

The way back was around the airport to Yarm and then toward Hartburn and the leafy suburbs of Stockton.
The wind was now from behind and gave an easy roll back to town.

The ride was around 45 miles which is not bragging, just a fact and it was fairly flat at an easy pace.(well easy going down hill with wind from behind)


Other HCC News

Trevor Jones topped this weeks HCC Strava Leaderboard with 211.1 miles.  The Thirlwind was 2nd with 129.7 miles and Phil Wright in 3rd place with 109.4 miles.  Other riders to note, well done to Paul Sefton for getting back out on the bike, Peter Sanderson for having a good week and totalling 95.2 miles and Lee Morley for consistantly getting 100 miles in each week.  This week there were 20 riders with miles on the board.  Well done to you all!