CTT Update Chairmans statement

Chairman’s statement

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Everyone will of course be aware of the difficult circumstances caused because of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  For those who compete in time trials, you’ll know that all CTT events are currently suspended until the end of June.
These are truly unprecedented times, but there will be an end.  When that end will be, none of us can say, but an end there will be.  I believe that CTT is in a more fortunate position than many other sports insofar as being able to resume competition is concerned.   Although the 2020 racing calendar will be severely curtailed, as I write this it is hoped that there can be some racing this year. If there is, we will still need to put in hand steps to ensure the safety of all those involved.
Whatever measures are put in place, the safety of both the competitors and the stalwart volunteers who are involved with the sport must be paramount.  The government guidance is ever changing as the COVID-19 pandemic develops and the Board is keeping the matter under constant review.
We have new dates for the RTTC National Championships to replace the dates that had to be postponed.  Entries for these are open, as indeed are entries for events later in the year. If you’re an organiser, please remember to send your notification to the police in good time, nothing is lost in doing this. We hope to be ‘open for business’ before the racing season ends!
In the interim, we are working closely in partnership with RGT to produce more virtual time trialling on line.  This is very much in the development stage but if you wish to ride with your fellow time triallists there are already group rides you can join into now.  We are looking to develop a virtual ‘10’ on the much missed V718 and we hope to have some exciting news on this shortly.  Test yourself on this very competitive course – how close can you get to comp. record?
It cannot be ignored that if the current lockdown measures and social distancing are to remain for an extended period of time, that could mean no CTT events at all in 2020.  We have to accept reality.  Many individuals and businesses have been affected financially as a result of the necessary measures that have been put in place.  CTT is no different.  It cannot be escaped that the lack of racing will impact significantly on CTT’s reserves.
It has to be remembered that CTT receives no external funding.  All our income is received from club affiliations and from event levies.  CTT is fortunate in some ways as we have always maintained a policy of keeping a minimum of one year’s cash reserves to cover unforeseen situations.  This has at times been questioned, but I’m very pleased that we have this in place as it leaves CTT in a position where it can, and will, survive into 2021.

Nonetheless, it has been necessary to look at what additional measures can be taken to reduce our costs.  We have taken advantage of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), known by many as ‘furlough’, and the difficult decision has been made to ‘furlough’ two of our five employees, Sally Withey and Alison Torode.  This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly.  There are strict rules for ‘furloughing’ which mean that such employees cannot undertake any work at all for the company whilst they remain ‘furloughed’.  Therefore if you have a question for either Sally or Alison, please can you send this instead in an email to support@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk where it will be addressed by one of the other officers.
On a lighter note, with no racing to report, Snowdon Sports have interviewed a number of our top riders and their stories of ‘life under lockdown’ make fascinating reading.  They can be found on the CTT website and are an inspiration to us all.
Finally, thank you.  Thank you for your patience during these tough times and thank you for your many messages of support.  These are testing times for us all.  Your support really is very much appreciated. We will continue to keep you updated on what is happening, but things move very quickly and sometimes in 24 hours it is old news.  We can only do our best.
Please keep safe, keep well and keep fit so that you are ready to crack on at the end of this pandemic.
24 April 2020

Ken Bainbridge

The club received some very sad news over the weekend that Ken who was a life member of the club sadly  passed away on Friday 17th April in North Tees Hospital aged 90.

Unfortunately due to the current situation there are no further details but a full obituary will be posted by the club in due course.

Our sincere condolences go out to Kens family

R.I.P Ken

Ride strong Stay safe


CTT coronavirus update – 31 03 2020

In view of the ongoing Government advice and guidance and in particular the guidance on social distancing, Cycling Time Trials (CTT) has taken the decision to extend the current suspension of all CTT events, (this includes all Type A and Type B events), up to and including 30 June 2020.

Clearly this will have a considerable impact on all CTT events, to include the Sigma Sports Classic Series and of course RTTC National Championships.

Sigma Sports Classic Series
The difficult decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Sigma Sports Classic Series.

RTTC National Championships
The CTT Board is working closely with the CTT districts and the organisers of the Championship events due to be held in June to explore whether these events can be rearranged to another date.  It has to be accepted that the lack of competition could have a bearing on those wishing to take part in Championships to be held in July and possibly beyond and the Board is in discussions with those organisers also.

A revised list of Championship events will be available shortly, although depending on Government advice going forward riders do need to be aware that it is quite possible further changes will have to be made and that some Championship events may well not be held in 2020.

National Youth Championship
The suspension of events will mean that it will not now be possible to hold many of the district heats.  The requirement to qualify for the Youth Championship National Final is suspended and those competitors who wish to ride the National Final are invited to send their entries by email to the National Secretary, Stewart Smith: stewart.smith@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk

Should the entries to the National Final be over-subscribed, the National Secretary shall have a discretion as to which entries shall be accepted and in exercising such discretion shall take into account any recommendation given by the relevant district championship promotor and/or the relevant district secretary in accordance with RTTC National Championship condition 7(d).

Cancellation/postponement of events
Stewart Smith (National Secretary) will be in contact with the organisers directly about whether they wish to cancel or postpone their events. If an event is to be postponed and a new date has been confirmed, all organisers must ensure that the new date has been approved by the relevant district committee.  Organisers are also reminded that a completed police notification form must also be sent to the police to include the new date for the postponed event.

Police notification forms – open and club events
As organisers will be aware, it is a legal requirement that the police notification form (PNF) must be sent to the police at least 28 days prior to the event and that it is a CTT requirement that the PNF should actually be sent at least six weeks prior to the event with a copy to the relevant district secretary or nominated assistant secretary.  Although the immediate future is uncertain, clubs and organisers are reminded that they should still send the PNF for events to be held in July onwards so that if we are in a position where events can be held once more, the necessary legal requirements will have been complied with.

“Informal” time trials
The Board has been made aware of some clubs holding informal time trials on the road.  All clubs and riders are reminded that unless the event has been approved by the relevant district committee (and for the avoidance of doubt such events do not have any such approval), such event would not be considered as being promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials and consequently would not be covered by the CTT third party insurance.

We’re all in this together
It is recognised that the suspension of events will have considerable impact on all riders who wish to compete and those who have set their goals around specific events.  It is also recognised that this will have a considerable impact on organisers and the many, many volunteers who put so much hard work and time into promoting successful events for all to enjoy.  The Board would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone for their ongoing support and patience during this time – it is very much appreciated.

British Cycling latest information and updates

Virtual club tools while indoors

Virtual club tools while indoors
We know it can be difficult for clubs to operate in these difficult times, which is why we thought it would be a great idea to set up virtual rides, coffee stops, club nights and committee meetings with those who you usually ride with!
Here are some the best ways for you to communicate with your friends and club mates. Share these ideas with your club!

£20 million Sport England package to help clubs and community sport organisations through coronavirus

Would you know what to do if a club member suffered a cardiac arrest during a club ride or activities?


Would you know what to do if a club mate suffered a cardiac arrest?
The survival rate in the UK from a person going into cardiac arrest is just 7%, but 40% in other countries. Heart Angels want to improve that – lives depend on it. Heart Angels is a charity specialising in CPR education and defibrillator use offering great discounts for affiliated clubs.


Club Kit refresh?

I have a bike and I want to help...What can I do?

I have a bike and I want to help…What can I do?
We have shared ways in which those with access to a bicycle and are showing no symptoms of the virus can aid the most vulnerable, whilst still adhering to current social distancing advice.

Riding Indoors – New Options

In the absence of CTT events many of us will be turning to our turbo trainers to keep up our level of fitness. There are many different services that can help with indoor training. British Cycling are just about to launch a series using the Zwift platform which you may be interested in. You don’t have to be a British Cycling member to ride these but you do need a Zwift subscription (typically £12.99 per month).

The events start on Tuesday 24th March and are currently scheduled to run through to mid-May

There are four types of event each week. There are road races on Tuesdays and 10 mile time trials on Thursdays with separate events for women and men. You can ride the events at 12.20 or 19.30 on these days and in different ‘performance’ categories based on your functional threshhold power.

There are then training workouts on Wednesdays at 12.00 and 19.30 and a Sunday 90 minute endurance ride starting at 10.00am

Follow the links below for more information.

Tuesday Road Series and Thursday TT Series

Wednesday Workout Series

Sunday Great Britain Cycling Team Endurance Rides



British Cycling extends suspension on sanctioned cycling activities to 30 June

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Given the ongoing uncertainty around the Coronavirus/COVID19 outbreak, and the developing Government advice and guidance, British Cycling has taken the decision to extend its current suspension on sanctioned cycling activities to 30 June.

With all Government guidance pointing towards a period during which the nation is being urged to come together to fight the spread of the virus, and the unprecedented burden currently on our emergency and public services, we felt that this is the most responsible – and only – course of action we could take at this moment.

We are acutely aware of the impact that this situation has had on individuals, communities and businesses within cycling and beyond. We’d like to take this opportunity to reinforce that, while we share in the disappointment of those affected by this extended suspension, we will do absolutely everything within our power to ensure that cycling can return with strength and as soon as possible.

This suspension period will include the dates originally set for several traditional milestones of the competitive cycling calendar. As with the vast majority of sports – while our primary focus will always be health and wellbeing – we will be exploring all options regarding the fulfilment of the racing calendar once sporting events can recommence.

Our recommendation to our clubs remains that no organised activity (including rides, training, coaching, events) should take place during this period, in line with government advice on social gatherings and non-essential travel.

However, riding a bike is a great way to aid your physical and mental health, provided that guidance on social distancing is followed. British Cycling would urge all cyclists to only ride on routes you know well, that are close to home and that are well within your ability level – this is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself.

Now, more than ever, we must ride our bikes responsibly – that means only going out on our own, or with people we live with, and keeping two metres apart from anyone we meet, stopping and waiting for people to pass when necessary. We’re doing this to protect ourselves and others, and to make it safe for everyone to ride.

If the cycling community continues to behave responsibly then we all hope to keep the roads and trails open for use, so that we can all manage our health during the coming weeks and months.


CTT COVID 19 Update

Coronavirus update

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In light of the government advice now given, Cycling Time Trials (CTT) has taken the decision to suspend all CTT events, (this includes all Type A and Type B events), with immediate effect up to and including Sunday 31 May 2020.

The decision will be subject to continued review and has been taken in the interests of organisers, competitors, all those who volunteer their time to make the events “work”, supporters and in the interests of the time trialling community as a whole.

Where possible, all are encouraged to maintain their own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments.

CTT will continue to review and monitor government advice and will provide detailed updates in the coming weeks.

Social distancing and advice

Social distancing measures (as defined by Public Health England as spending more than 15 minutes and within a 2-metre distance talking to someone) are now advised not only for those who test positive or have symptoms, but in day to day life.  The government is advising anyone with a “new, continuous” cough or high temperature and those they live with that they need to self-isolate to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Wash your hands

The World Health Organisation advises that all should wash their hands properly to avoid spread of coronavirus.  WHO advise that one of the best and most basic protective measures that people can take against the coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. On its website, WHO states: ‘Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.’

COVID 19 Update

Based on the Government’s latest advice and guidance on the developing situation around Coronavirus/COVID19, British Cycling has suspended all of its sanctioned, cycling activities, initially until April 30.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Competitive events at all levels
  • Non-competitive, registered events (eg sportives, reliability trials)
  • Recreational rides (throughout our suite of programmes including HSBC UK Breeze, HSBC UK Guided Rides, HSBC UK Ride Social, Let’s Ride Pop-up)
  • All educational courses or activities (eg coaching courses, Ride Leader courses, commissaire courses)

The decision has been taken based on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s caution against unnecessary travel and contact with others, to take the necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of riders, officials, volunteers and spectators, and alleviate the risk of an additional burden on the emergency services at what is a hugely testing time.

We would strongly encourage all levels of the cycling community to join with British Cycling and the rest of the country in doing all we can to halt the spread of the virus in the midst of what is an unprecedented situation, however we recognise that this news will be disappointing, and potentially worrying, for some.

British Cycling chief executive Julie Harrington said: “This was not a decision taken lightly and it is one we have taken in close cooperation with our colleagues at Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling.

“We fully understand and appreciate the financial, social and community impact that this suspension could have, and we are working now to ensure that cycling is in the best possible health once the suspension can be lifted.

“As I’m sure everyone can appreciate, these are truly unprecedented circumstances, and while we will be doing all we can to retain a sense of normality and continuity, it may take some time to return to full capacity as an organisation and as a sport once this situation has been resolved.

“We will continue to update our members with more information, and will be doing everything within our power to support those who have contributed to the rich cycling culture that this country boasts.”

For the latest position from Scottish Cycling, please click here. For the latest position from Welsh Cycling, please click here.

What does this mean for…

Event organisers:

  • Those organisers whose events were due to take place before April 30 will have their events manually cancelled by British Cycling via the Event Management System. Further information will be made available in due course
  • British Cycling will work alongside these event organisers on the refund process for entered riders
  • British Cycling will work alongside organisers to identify a way to progress the race calendar once Government advice permits racing to recommence
  • Those organisers whose events are due to take place after April 30 are advised that British Cycling will issue further advice as and when Government guidance progresses. We appreciate that organisers will be making their own contingency plans, and may need to cancel events post-April 30 to provide certainty


  • Any British Cycling-sanctioned activity (eg competitive event) which a club was planning to run prior to April 30 cannot now go ahead
  • We would urge clubs to ensure that any level of organised activity they undertake is in line with Government advice. Please see links below for further guidance. We will be in communication with the relevant authorities to seek additional advice on your behalf

Ride Leaders/Breeze Champions

  • Any British Cycling-sanctioned ride which was due to take place prior to April 30 cannot now go ahead, and will be cancelled by British Cycling
  • We would urge Ride Leaders/Breeze Champions to ensure that any level of organised activity they choose to undertake away from British Cycling-sanctioned rides is in line with Government advice.  Please see links below for further guidance. We will be in communication with the relevant authorities to seek additional advice on your behalf


  • Any participant who had paid to enter an event before April 30 will be issued with a refund in due course. We are working alongside event organisers to ensure that this process is as efficient as possible
  • Our guidance to professional riders and those on the World Class Programme is that they can continue to train, including group activity

Education courses:

  • Any course scheduled to take place prior to April 30 will not now go ahead. British Cycling will arrange refunds where applicable in due course and will look to reschedule once Government advice permits activity to recommence

UCI BMX Supercross World Cup ticket buyers:

  • Those who had purchased tickets for the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup event in Manchester over the weekend of April 18 and 19 will be issued with a full refund in due course. We are working alongside Ticketmaster to ensure that this process is as efficient as possible

Keeping active remains important and so long as you follow the relevant guidance with regards to social distancing and hygiene, you can still go out on your


Many enquiries are being received about the promotion of CTT events.

CTT’s current position is that we will continue to follow government guidelines.  Currently, the Board’s view is to keep events open and not to cancel or postpone events, although it is accepted that there may be circumstances where this is not possible.

Whereas competitors may consider themselves to be fit and healthy, consideration should be given to those who help out at the events.  All are volunteers although many may feel under pressure to “do their bit”.  Many may well be in the age categories at risk and in particular, those aged over 70.  It would appear that the older you are, the more at risk you will be.  Please consider  – many of the “older generation” are the stalwarts of our sport.  Please take care not to expose anyone to unnecessary risk.

In all cases, please be considerate.  The health and welfare of all concerned is by far the most important consideration.

Various suggestions have been volunteered as how to help mitigate potential risk, and you may wish to consider the following:

Consider whether a marshal is absolutely necessary and whether a marshal could be substituted with additional signage.  If a marshal is necessary, marshals to make their own way to their designated point without reporting to the event HQ beforehand.  If this is done, it is recommended that the marshal reports by telephone to the event organiser to confirm that they are in place.

Event HQ
This could be used for use of the toilet facilities only.  Advise all competitors not to congregate unnecessarily at the event HQ.

Signing on
To take place outside.  Competitors to bring their own pen for this purpose or be provided with a disposable pen for use by that competitor only.  Alternatively, pens could be washed in soapy water (it is understood that antibacterial products do not work as effectively as soap, if indeed at all – strong soapy water is recommended).  Waterproof protective gloves should be used.

At the start
No pusher off.  Competitors to wait at the start with one foot on the ground and clip into the pedal once started.  In other words, a standing start.

Signing out
Competitors to use their own pen or the pen provided to them for signing on.  Please bear in mind that many competitors may not bring that pen with them so further disposable pens may be needed.

At the finish
Advise all competitors not to congregate around or to ask questions from the finish timekeeper or any other official at the finish.

Return of numbers 
Numbers should not be handled and should be put into a bin (or bins) containing soapy water which should be made available for this purpose.  Following the event, all numbers should be washed and appropriate measures taken to avoid personal contact before that is done (e.g. use of protective gloves).

Result board
This to be placed outside; alternatively, no result board although in this case results to be made available on the CTT website as soon as practicable after conclusion of the event.

Prize presentation
Consider not having one.  All competitors should be advised to make their way home promptly and not to congregate at the event HQ.

Wash your hands
The World Health Organisation advises that all should wash their hands properly to avoid spread of coronavirus.  WHO advise that one of the best and most basic protective measures that people can take against the coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. On their website, WHO state: ‘Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.’

The “1.5 metre rule” 
Please remember the government advice about the “1.5 metre rule”.  Keep your distance from others.

Please be vigilant
Finally, please be vigilant.  Refrain from volunteering if you have any flu like symptoms.

The Board will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and will provide further updates here as and when appropriate.

Cleveland Whs CC (Sporting Course) 21.7m SPOCO Result

Cleveland Whs CC (Sporting Course)(Incl Road Bike Category)

Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club held their annual start of the season Hilly 21 time-trial race around the Stokesley area on Sunday. 62 riders had entered the competition which started at Stokesley and travelled up to Hutton Rudby against a strong wind, but then returned to Stokesley along the A172 with the wind behind them. The race then turned south towards Great Broughton, Ingleby Greenhow, Battersby, and Easby to finish just before the junction of Battersby Avenue and the A173 Stokesley-Great Ayton road, having first negotiated the flooding on Battersby Avenue.
After the first few riders, an early lead was taken by 18 year old Espoir rider, Jake Stephenson ( Triology Manhealth), in a time of 50:14 and this was held for half an hour before Rob Carter (Cleveland Wheelers) pipped him by 9 seconds. Richard Lilleker (Cleveland Wheelers) then beat him by 1 second. The faster riders began to arrive with Euan Sanderson (Cleveland Wheelers) taking the lead with a time of 49:36, before Marcel Schubert (Darlington CC) arrived 5 minutes later to take third place in 46:31. Five minutes after Chris Smart (GTR- Return to Life) finished to take first place in a time of 46:10. Second place went to veteran rider Keith Murray in a time of 46:39.
The fastest lady rider was veteran Anna Turvey (Drag2Zero) in a time of 50:22 with veteran rider Kate Sanderson (Cleveland Wheelers) in second place in 1.03:19.

Paul Thirling rode in the Road Bike section posting a cracking time 56:29 finishing in 29th place  (Road bike finishing place to follow)

Richie Grant rode in the TT bike section posting a commendable time of  1:00:27 for 39th place after breaking a cleat in his warm up and rode the course doing the Okikoki (1 foot in 1 foot out)

Phil Wright  sent his apologies and is gearing up for his 1st event of the season this saturday.

IMGP5693        IMGP5638


Chris Smart         Male Senior GTR – Return To Life    46:10     1st         28.202 Mph


Paul Thirling      Male Vet      Hartlepool CC     56:24  29th        23.085 Mph


Richie Grant      Male Vet     Hartlepool CC   1:00:27  39th        21.538  Mph


Phil Wright        Male Vet     Hartlepool CC    DNS  A

All race results can be found at: