100 in 8

100 in 8 event is getting closer and and some club members are getting some serious  miles in the legs for the ride.

Brian Blakelock rode a recce over the Bollihope  and Paul Sefton got some steady miles in over the weekend, Andy Downs was top mile muncher in the club again last week with Trevor Jones and Andrew Wilson not far behind.

Andrew was spotted mincing around town, test riding/showing off his new bike and designer saddle bag (look closely) in preparation for the big day…

VELO 29 Winter series Round 2 18-01-2020

The second round of the Velo29 winter series was held on Saturday. A bright sunny but very cold morning welcomed the the riders to the Croft motor racing circuit at Darlington.

Richie Grant rode in the Cat 4 8 lap race (16 mile) A group of around 65 riders started.

A nasty crash on the second lap split the field and luckily Richie avoided the incident and stayed safe in the front group.He finished safely in the top 20 after deciding not to contest the sprint on health and safety grounds (he was blowing out his fat a….)



Hard Riders 50 in 4 Sunday 9th FEB 09:00am

This event used to be organised by CWCC, but I cant find anything on their website about this years event but there are a few guys from Hartlepool Cycling Collective doing the ride and they have sent the info to me.

It will be a good training ride for our 100/8, and  it would be nice to get a group together from Hartlepool CC. if anyone is interested please drop me a line

Meeting Place:Marton Shops Boro Casual (No-Drop) / Rolling Hills
A £1 on the day starting at Marton shops. Usually sets off around 9:15 am  on Sunday 9th FEB.. Idea is you ride 50 miles in 4 hours. The event finishes at Brompton. Tell them your back so they can sign you off, take your certificate and sulk back to your preferred café.
Over Clay bank, Newgate bank, Hemsley, back of Sutton (The Graveyard), down Sutton, Thirsk, Northallerton and finish at Brompton.



Annual Club Presentation night for the 2019 season

The annual club presentation night was held last Thursday night at Abbeys Bars (Portals Place) to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the club members during  the 2019 season.

Paul Garstang opened the night with his welcome speech to go through the order of events for the evening and to introduce the some of the special guests we had in attendance:

Lewis Hall presented the awards assisted by John Grant who was compare for the night. Gavin Russel and Dave Oliver from the VTTA ,with who the club work closely with hosting TT events in the Teesside district were also at the event. A special mention must go to Mrs Russell who presented the Phillip Russell Memorial Trophy for the fastest 10m TT.

Phil and his family deserve a big thank you from the club members for organising the evening as a they put in a lot of hard work that is not always appreciated and also the staff at Abbeys Bar deserve a pat on the back for the service and buffet they provided.

Hartlepool Cycling club championships 2019:

SPOCO 23mTT                                         Edward Walker Cup                        P Thirling                00;55:43  Actual

SPOCO 23mTT  Handicap                     SPOCO  Handicap Cup                    R Grant                   00:55:24  Handicap


Senior 10m TT                                          J.W.Cameron Cup                            G Hunt                    00:23:15  Actual

Handicap 10m TT                                   10m TT   Handicap Cup                    R Grant                  00:19:22  Handicap

Fastest 10m TT                                         Phillip Russell Memorial Trophy   P Fountain            00:21:37   Actual


Senior 25m TT                                           Ron Best Cup                                     G Hunt                   00:59:10  Actual

Handicap 25m TT                                     25m TT   Handicap Cup                   R Grant                  00:51:45  Handicap

Fastest 25m  TT                                         Marcus Bloom Shield                       G Hunt                    00:55:50  Actual


Senior 50m TT                                           50m TT Shield                                    G Hunt                    01:54:11  Actual


Hill Climb                                                   Hill Climb Cup                                     P Thirling               00:04:06  Actual


Best All Rounder                                      B.A.R Cup       1st place                        G Hunt                   26.88 mph  ( Average over 10m, 25m, 50m distances)

B.A.R Plaque  2nd place                                                                                           R Grant                  24.68 mph  ( Average over 10m, 25m, 50m distances)

B.A.R Plaque  3rd place                                                                                            P Wright                23.48 mph  ( Average over 10m, 25m, 50m distances)


100/8 Challenge                                      P Garstang, P Wright, A Wilson, R Grant, T Jones, B Blakelock, A Downs.  All received a commemorative medal.

Photographs of the award winners:

Hill Climb Cup
Fastest 10m TT
Philip Russel Memorial Shield
Senior 25m TT
Ron Best Cup
10m TT Handicap


25m TT
Handicap cup
100/8 Medal
T Jones A Downs and B Blakelock are missing from photo
Fastest 25m TT
Marcus Bloom Shield
Senior 50m TT
50m TT Shield



SPOCO 23m TT Edward Walker Cup
Lewis Hall John Grant Mrs Russell
Lewis and Richie Grant with John Grant photo bombing
Lewis and Gary Hunt with  John Grant photo bombing again!!!

Apologises if some photographs are missing, these are the only  ones i have been sent.

The raffle was a success with some good prizes kindly donated by club members which raised £115 to go to the club funds so a big thank you to Janet and Julie who sold the tickets and also to Andrew Wilson who was sorting the beer chits and taking in the yearly subs.

Andrew was made up after winning a designer pink saddle bag in the raffle to go with his pink cycling tights which hopefully will get its first public outing in this years 100/8..

After the closing address by Paul it was time to reminisce with some of the old guard who were well represented on the night.

A trip down memory lane for some of the old timers, who reckon they  could still beat the young guns of today over most of the TT distances but especially the 100/8!!!!

Two photographs taken 63 years apart of the same group of  lads.

Here are the lads representing West Hartlepool CC in the 1957 Bruslington Road Race.

Left to Right: Lewis Hall, Jim McNeil, John Grant, Ken Bainbridge, Colin Lyth and Ian Cox.

The 2020 photo: Jim McNeil, Ken Bainbridge, Lewis Hall and John Grant, Missing from the photo are Colin who  now lives in Australia and sadly Ian who is no longer with us but the lads had a few beers for them in their absence.

All in all the night was a brilliant success.







Confirmed Events for the Club Championships 2020

Events listed below are to be used to qualify for the 2020 club championships

SPOCO TT  23m                 T235         Stockton Wheelers CC        05-04-2020   (Sunday  09-00am)

10m TT                                  T104         Cleveland Coureurs            30-05-2020    (Saturday   14-00pm)

25mTT                                   T252/3     Stockton Wheelers  CC      07-06-2020    (Sunday  08-00am)

50mTT                                   T502/2    Hartlepool CC                      19-07-2020      (Sunday  07-00am)

Hill Climb    Clay Bank     THC33   Cleveland Wheelers CC        27-09-2020    (Sunday  10-00am)

Working rear light required in all CTT & VTTA events   NO LIGHT NO RIDE!!!!

Ride Strong Stay Safe


Confirmed events for 2020

Please note the following events are confirmed for 2020.

100/8 on Sunday 8th March, the same route as last year commencing at the Golden Lion (Aldi Arms) 0830 hours.

Any club member thinking of doing 100/8 could you please drop me an email so we can get a feel for numbers.


17/05/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 10 miles on course T107.

14/06/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 25 miles on course T252/3

19/07/20 – HCC / VTTA open TT, 50 miles on course T 502/2.


All time trials have both TT and Road Bikes sections.

A working rear light is NOW COMPULSORY in alll CTT & VTTA events.   NO LIGHT NO RIDE!!!! 

All open events have  a requirement for the course to be  marshalled to comply with regulations concerning time trials on the public highway. If any assistance can be given to help out on the day it would be greatly appreciated.


Club 10m TT  mid week  series

1st Thursday in May and running for approx. 8 weeks, numbers dependant is a club 10 on course T 107. This course starts 200 metres before the Cowpen Bewley Visitors Centre on the Seal Sands road, proceeds to the Seal Sands roundabout where a left turn is made. Proceed to power station roundabout then double back and complete the course in reverse finishing just before the railway bridge.

This is a new course for 2020,so we are discussing  holding a trial run before the season gets fully under way to see where we need to marshal around the course etc.

Ride Strong Stay Safe.

VTTA North Group Annual Award Presentation 2019

The annual VTTA  North Group award presentation event was held at Hardwick Hall Sedgefield on  Sunday 5th January in celebration of the 2019 season. Hartlepool CC were well represented on the day and I must say the guys look very different when not wearing Lycra but do scrub up well….

Hartlepool CC racing members Gary Hunt, Phil Wright and Richie Grant did the club proud winning numerous awards between them and did not do that bad in the raffle either lol.

A special mention must go to Gary, who won the bulk of trophies/awards on offer through out the VTTA racing season.

Group Trophies and 2019 winners:

Joe Jones Memorial Cup for the Best all rounder : Gary Hunt  ( Phil Wright 6th )

Team Shield : Hartlepool CC    Gary Hunt,  Phil Wright.

25 Shield  : Gary Hunt

George Siddle Memorial Trophy : Gary Hunt  ( Phil Wright 5th )

Doreen Hugill Memorial Cup : Gary Hunt

Jim Burton : Memorial Cup : Gary Hunt  ( Richie Grant 3rd )

President Cup : Gary Hunt

Lenny Downs Shield : Hartlepool CC   Gary Hunt, Richie Grant, Phil Wright.

Tom Mathews Cup : Gary Hunt

Northern Unity Cup : Gary Hunt

Points competition on standard   Actual Fastest : Richie Grant ( Gary Hunt 2nd )

Short distance competition : Phil Wright 4th

Standards : Phil Wright  10m, 15m, 30m, 100m.          Gary Hunt  100m

Teeside District Hill Climb Age Group Winner : Richie Grant

Apologies if I have missed any awards out, again well done to all the guys for flying the flag proudly for Hartlepool CC..


Ride strong stay safe.