2017 Racing Season

Introduction to HCC’s 2017 Racing Activities

Hill Climbs



Phil Wright and Paul Thirling tackled the CWCC Hill climb on Clay Bank – Paul Thirling won the HCC Championship with this ride of 06:54.

Phil Wright, Paul Garstang and Paul Thirling also tackled Tan Hill in  a chilly 20 mph headwind with times of 57:31, 54:27 and 42:17 respectively, Paul Thirling was 4th Teesside rider home and Phil was the first over 60.

At the time of writing Phil is the leading rider in the over 60+ age group of the Teesside District Hill Climb league with one counting event remaining.


Paul Fountain was leading the overall Teesside District SPOCO league for most of the season, however he was pipped into second place but still won his age category comfortably. Paul has stated he is going to pick his events carefully next season so watch out for a new district champion from HCC for 2018 (no pressure).

Paul won the HCC SPOCO championship for 2017 for his ride of 57:04 (actual) on the T235 at Bishopton.

Earlier in the season saw Richie Grant in action in the Cleveland Wheelers SPOCO 21 – despite taking a tumble Richie finished and ended up taking the SPOCO Handicap on 54:27 (handicap) after his Bishopton ride.


Ritchie Grant on CWCC at Stokesely Round about


All in all there was 11 qualifying events in the 2017 series with 6 best results determining the overall competition. Paul Garstang decided that he would only do the tougher events and was last seen near Blakey Ridge or was it Hamsterly Forest !

The wind is still blowing.

Road Racing (Richard Booth)

Richard had a very successful season winning both  the Age Related British Champions Jersey as well as the Percy Stallard Series Category Winner. Richard ended up with 2 overall wins a second overall and 11 1st in Category wins. Definitely HCC’s rider of the year.



Time Trials

The 2017 Time Trial season has been a long one, with 3 HCC riders starting their campaign in February and going through till end of September.

Generally Gary Hunt has had a very successful season being well placed both on Actual and Standard in the 3 National VTTA events he rode. He is also the The Age Group Champion of Teesside District. He awaits the results of both Teesside BAR and VTTA North BAR but must have a very good chance of picking up a large amount of silverware at that level. In regard to HCC Gary is BAR,  10 mile, 25 mile and 50 mile Champion for 2017. Gary also was first home on one of the Croft Circuit Tens – unfortunately no silverware or prize money but plenty of kudos.





Andrew Wilson in his debut had a fine season both in Open and Club events going sub 25 for a ten on the Sedgefield Course is a significant start to his time trialling career and we look forward to him progressing next year.

Alan Lang has had a mixed season riding both in the North and South of England and entered 2 of the National VTTA races with good standard times obtained.

Neil Stuart is the  2017 Age Group Champions and Neil is the HCC Handicap Champion for 25 mile TT

Dave Herberts and Ted Scurr’s seasons were shortened due to accidents, Ted has since recovered and Dave has just got out of  hospital and is recovering slowly.

Mark Tinkler road some of the quicker TT’s and SPOCOS, Mark picked up the HCC Senior 10 Mile TT in 21:41 (handicap)

Paul Thirling last years Teesside BAR avoided racing on the A19 this year but had many podiums around the Teesside and Yorks events and remains a very fast Time Triallist and Hill Climber.

Paul Fountain too avoided riding A19 events but still had a very successful season in the SPOCO events.

Terry Muers, Kevin and Darren Peart, Frank Elders and Trevor Jones all entered HCC Open events and recorded some  excellent times. Kevin and Meirion Hughes entered the 2 up Darlo 10 Mile TT and managed to finish together in a sub 26 minute time.

Mid Week Club Events

A lot of our members rode mid week events at Darlington,Stockton Wheelers and Ferryhill Wheelers where we had a league – no surprises Gary Hunt picked up the fastest award and Neil Stuart the Standard. Paul Thirling concentrated on the Darlington course near Croft often setting the fastest time of the night.


During the racing season the Wednesday Kev special was introduced by Kev Peart – this was for the members who were not competing in the various week night club 10’s – here is Trevor Jones ,Peter Nicholson, Terry Muers, Stephen Crane and Kev waiting for the off. The rides were very successful , sometimes attracting upwards of 20 riders and introduced many new members to HCC including our upcoming juniors Patrick Hughes and Ben Readmen. It generally ended in a bit of a chain gang – always done safely and following the HCC Code of Conduct of course.